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Country estate + laboratory

estate for events andlaboratory for rural 
Ways of life, social and ecological innovation.

That good,
Country estate for events


Here you will find pictures and basic information about the place>Event and>overnight rooms and >outdoor area. 


What you can organize here and how we can guide you through it>Moderation and materials can support.


Overview of how you can relax here and information about > food & services , the rural environment and > excursions .

The Lab,
Laboratory for rural lifestyles



How our lab, which was founded from the estate, works. Our projects, goals and personal interests.


Why good andLab?

The Good from 1850 was acquired in 2012, gradually renovated and expanded into an event venue. The laboratory has emerged from the estate since 2018, when we started Infrastructure Proprojects for the region. 


Even if Gut and Lab are functionally separate, they are closely linked in terms of content: they form a common one>Field for creativity and innovation.


house and garden 2023_edited.jpg

An area for community, fun and creativity

On theArea ofDrahnsdorf project space There is the former rectory and the historic one Gutshaus with adjoining stable. The train station is also part of it, but it won't be there yett used. Around and in between there are meadows, open, wooded, park-like and with fruit trees.

Themanor, our main building, houses our seminar room, as well as various work and lounge rooms. It also offers rooms for overnight stays.

In theStable building Our two large event rooms (120 and 300 sqm) are located. The formerParsonage has a small seminar room and offers additional accommodation options.

The project room offers a wide range of possibilities for events such as offsites and team retreats, plan and carry out. There are very different places, inside and outside, with a historical atmosphere or very modern and functional. 

Project space in numbers:


Garden (sqm)


Building (sqm) 





About history
of the estate

For a quick response...

to specific questions: For example, if you want to know how best to do it
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