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The exclusive estate
up to 100 people


Living in the manor house is like living in a large family. With Up to 35 members when all room options are used. This is due to the special floor plan, which brings the residents together in the three main rooms on the mezzanine floor. That's why we prefer to rent this out “exclusively” to 12 to 35 people. In summer there are additional overnight accommodations in large glamping tents (plus 20 people).

View from the terrace

We are gradually restoring it in order to bring the original character of an old country estate back to life. We have preserved or even uncovered traces of the past. No big construction company rocked through here, but hundreds of different people worked here for over ten years and each left their own mark.

Ausgang Terasse

Upstairs Floor Plan

The furniture is authentic & original from the early romantic period, together with chilled sofas and lamps from the Space Age. They fits together, because both were times of change, and we are living in times of change again: they are modern, functional spaces to plan what the future could look like.

Dining Space
Workroom in the manor house
Barn workspace

The early romanticism: “Republic of free spirits and

Departure into creative self-determination”.

Schiller, the Humboldt brothers and Goethe in Jena

A few more pictures of the estate with its lounges, rooms and the adjoining former horse stable:

Offsite rectory

We will get back to you immediately and treat your data confidentially. You can also send us an email:

or call us on 0160 985 845 78

Thanks for your interest!
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Ana Paula Ibanez
Management Assistant
Telefon:  0049-(0) 160 985 845 78
Montag bis Freitag: 10.00-16-00
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