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Offsite rectory
For 4-10 people


The rectory is part of the estate complex. It accommodates 4-10 people, being more practical and cheaper than renting the entire manor house. The rectory has up to eight beds, plus additional manor house beds can be rented if available on your chosen date.

The rectory has two large rooms that are suitable as a seminar room and as a common dining and lounge area with a mini kitchen. You can see the greenery from both rooms! 

In the rectory garden you can work outside with a view of the manor house. The rule for small groups is self-catering. If catering is offered for a larger group in the manor house, you can take advantage of this. Renting the barn room or the lower stable would also be possible.

Working outside the Rectory
Rectory with side house and stables, blue area can be rented.
Grundriss Pfarrhaus.png
Floor plan of the upper floor of the rectory

Gallery with seminar, lounge and an overnight room.


Patina walls

Parish hall
Offsite rectory

We will get back to you immediately and treat your data confidentially. You can also send us an email:

or call us on 0160 985 845 78

Thanks for your interest!
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Ana Paula Ibanez
Assistant to the management
Telefon:  0049-(0) 160 985 845 78
Montag bis Freitag: 10.00-16-00
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