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Team event in the barn
Up to 100 people


Can a stay be transformed into a team event by a unique “spatial-social” setup? This is almost an experiment:

Spread over almost three hundred square meters on the upper barn floor are the kitchen, fireplace, workstations, and the evening sleeping area in the back third (separated by a curtain).


The sofas, crafted in-house from old farmer's linen, are then converted into elevated mattresses. In the evening, these are separated from each other by mobile screens.

The concept: gather together in a different and more immersive way.

View over the kitchenette to the dining area

The floor plans from the upper “Barn Lounge” and the lower “Dance Hall” with bar and terrace. However, this room can also be used for other purposes.

Barn lounge with stairs to the garden
Dance stable with terrace facing the garden 

The Dance Hall with bar and adjoining rear garden area.

A dance space or food area in the lower stable
The bar can be used as a work or meeting room during the day.

Large glamping tents can be rented in summer. And there are two more rooms in the stable (for the team management?). This means that up to thirty people can alternatively stay overnight here. The lower stable and bar could also be rented.


An outside staircase takes you directly to the garden, where you can work or chill in the “open air” in the warm season.

The journey is the destination. It is important to understand that much is in flux and evolving here. Spaces change from year to year. Openness and transience are integral to this place.


Expansion and furnishing

the barn

Offsite rectory

We will get back to you immediately and treat your data confidentially. You can also send us an email:

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Thanks for your interest!
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Cyrus Dominik Khazaeli
Founder and project manager
Tel: 0049-(0) 151 20 88 4444
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