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The place is a playing field

For your events, the location offers a kind of “games &
Transformation stage”. Rooms can be configured and combined in different ways*. So that you can create your own individual process of “work and chill” (>Trailer)

Work support

Moderation, coaching and materials

Materials, media and places 
Material boxes


For prototyping 

we have various materials and tools in rollable containers.

Media package


The media package consists of several projectors, whiteboard, pens, postits etc. 

Mobile workplaces


there are also workplaces at locations of your choice with

chairs, lamps and 


Moderation and coaching



We or experts from our network can provide moderation 

take over.

Group field work


This is based on Ana Halprin's Life Art process and includes the perception of the initial situation and movement work.

Speculative design


Design thinking is based on existing markets. In times of change it is important to think more effectively about how we want to live and work in the future. 


GKF can also be very helpful for internal team processes in order to solve problems constructively together.


Creative happening and shared vision search


Depending on the aim of the event, the location can be staged and used differently. 

Aperto -Creative Offsite, 2020
University of Europe-Vision Camp, 2018
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