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Chill as a service

In addition to working on your projects, you can choose between offers such as cooking as team building,  Yoga, meditations and excursions...

or just let yourself “relax in the place”.

Chill support

From catering to event planning


Full board

We offer breakfast for groups of fifteen or more people, 

Lunch and dinner. Fruit, snacks and cakes are also available upon request.



We can prepare recipes and ingredients for smaller groups. We offer these in our “cooking boxes”.



There are up to two kitchens and a large refrigerator for self-catering.

Team building

Cooking event


A cooking event consists of several courses and possibly also the preparation of drinks. The design of the place using light and other elements is also part of it. 



Meditation or yoga courses can be booked through our network. 


There is a large one in Drahnsdorf
Alpaca farm and a neighbor of ours is a woman who is an expert in herbs and will do herb hikes for you. 



The playground includes table tennis, volleyball, botja and others alike.

Event planning

Festive dinners


This usually involves a relatively large amount of effort. For organisational reasons, please inquire in good time. 

Bands & Parties


We can organise celebrations, e.g. after a workshop. We can also
request musicians from our network, from punk to classical.



We can support you with tips and addresses when planning excursions.

But we can also organize this for you.

Chilling around Drahnsdorf

Explore the surroundings. The immediate surroundings of Drahnsdorf are characterised by extensive forest and meadow areas, streams, mills and small lakes. The village church is directly opposite the manor house. From there, you go into the open fields. Towards Schäcksdorf you come into the forest. Towards Wildau, Wentdorf and Golßen you come across the Dahme and lakes.

Chilling in the garden:

When cooking and 



The garden can be arranged in many different ways, not only for working together, but also for the time afterwards. 

Cooking and chilling
After party chilling

Tips for Trips

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