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Offsite rectory
For 4-10 people

für den Wandel


We are a space for events and a lab for change. As a Lab we are interested in cooperation and would like to support groups that want to participate in this “change”.

We believe that we are approaching times in which we will work together more together again to make this earth more beautiful, ecological, social and also “transcendent”.


Incidentally, an old program of German Romanticism, in which people believed in a special creative power, a more animated nature and a spiritual principle that worked through everything.


We have worked with many groups, including Citymakers, Lokalhelden, Startup Lausitz, Open Art Lausitz and Atelierhof Werenzhain, Tiny Farms, Zukunftsorte, Impactlab & Projekt.


Please get in touch with us with your ideas for future change making events.

 Discussion with friends about our networking format “Landsalon”.

A country salon is a networking format designed by us, which serves to bring different ideas together about a topic. The name is a neologism from country outing and literary salon. It consists of formal parts (workshop, presentation...) and informal elements such as dinner, excursion...) and usually includes an overnight stay. 

Below are a few more pictures from the last few years with Startup Lausitz, local heroes, places of the future, citymakers and Open Art Lausitz.

Various collaborations
Offsite rectory

We will get back to you immediately and treat your data confidentially. You can also send us an email:

or call us on 0160 985 845 78

Thanks for your interest!

Andrea Weigt

Gründerin und Projektleitung

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