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Winter in the Spreewald countryside

In winter it is cozy and quiet here. The sun falls horizontally through the high windows and bathes the rooms in warm light. When it gets dark early you can sit by the fireplace.

Anyone who needs variety. There is the Tropical Islands adventure pool nearby or, a little further away, what we consider to be the most beautiful wellness place in Brandenburg: the Spreewald Therme.

Beautiful places to visit include Luckau and, on weekends, Glashütte with its historic houses and huts and its Christmas market. It is fifteen kilometers to the Spreewald.

Winter exposes the view of the church. The manor house on the left, the rectory on the right.

View from the rectory into the garden on a snowy morning.

On cold days, you can also turn on the stoves. There are three in the common areas and six more in the rooms.

Bedroom with a log burner.

Past the church we go into the fields.

After a few minutes of hiking you will reach the nearby forests.

Christmas and New Year's Eve in the manor house.

When it hasn't snowed, it's quite green in the forests...

and often in the fields too.


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