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00. The restoration of the place

The old “little castle” had been ruined over the years and had become unrecognizable and uninhabitable. However, the “energy field” of this former place of radiation was still present (as we perceived it).

And it was probably no coincidence that Otto von Manteuffel had an entire knight's castle demolished in order to build his estate at exactly this point. Opposite a medieval church that stands on an ancient and elevated cult site.

We had to find the energy from somewhere to recreate what the building seemed to suggest to us.

Facade 2012 and start of dismantling in 2017. Rooms 2012 ( video )

Gunnar, Simon, Andrea, Cyrus. Hundreds of people took part here.

My first seminar in the manor house in 2013 with students.

You can read about various aspects of recovery in the following blog posts. Since some of these are based on one another chronologically, I have numbered them consecutively.


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